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Armourgeddon Military Museum

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Southfields Farm, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire LE17 6NW
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The Armourgeddon museum is open year-round, during our operational season April to October. Planning your visit on days when we have tanks running will allow further insight into these magnificent machines. Saturdays and Sundays and the selected Wednesdays we run are the best times to come and see some of our vehicles driving about. Out of season please call to book ahead. We can then inform you of any group bookings we may have on site when you wish to visit. Our museum comprises of a number of weatherproof hangers jam-packed full of military vehicles, guns, cannons and military paraphernalia. The ‘Inner Sanctum’ has a variety of pieces telling of the human side of WWII and a few exhibits from WWI too.

The museum includes a number of tanks used in War-based movies of the last 20 years: Saving Private Ryan, Evita, Fury and many more. There is also a Bell 47 helicopter, the model of helicopter leading to the name ‘Chopper’ from the sound made by the rotor blades as they span around. We have a Sherman tank- perhaps the most sought after tank of the period, a Centurion and a Chieftan tank to name but a few.

When it comes to guns, the museum offers quite a selection to view; some hand held riffles in our interactive exhibition and other artillery guns, some self-propelled, several which sit on the top and back of flat bed trucks, tanks and other military vehicles. The collection includes the Krupp 105mm Howitzer, a 50mm Pak 38 and a Flak 38. The Krupp 105mm gun was an evolution of the WWI field guns by German engineers as they prepared for the battlefields of WWII.

When the Germans faced Soviet tanks in 1941 during operation Barbarossa, the Pak 38 was one of the few early guns capable of penetrating the 45mm armour of the T34 when equipped with Panzergranate 40 APCR shots and their tungsten core.

Museum will help visitors to understand a little more of life for those who died to provide us the freedom that we take for granted today. We also hope that we are a bit more exciting than a history textbook for those studying WWII at school or simply to expand their knowledge. Every exhibit has an information article in front of it, often including a little about its evolution, military history and active duty.

The Armourgeddon museum is open year-round, but out of the May to October open tank season, please book ahead. We can then inform you of any group bookings we may have on site when you wish to visit. Planning your visit on days when we have tanks running will allow you a further insight into these magnificent machines.

The Café De Normandie is a street scene café within the museum where you can sit and soak up the atmosphere as if in the 1940s of rural France, with a number of military vehicles parked up along the roadside setting.

Admission Fee:

£6.00 per person - activity participants and under 5's go free!
Fee includes entry to the spectator area, on selected days you can watch some more of Armourgeddon's vehicles being put to the test.
All children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Opening hours:

April - October

Saturdays, Sundays and selected Wednesdays - 0900 to 1700hrs
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - 0900 to 1600hrs

November - March
Open by appointment only, please call 01858 880239.



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Wednesday : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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The Editor
The Editor17-05-2017 02:58PM
Museum with a view

This is a really different tourist attraction and right on our doorstep. Just 15mins from Harborough it's ideal if you want a different way to spend a morning or afternoon and regardless of the weather.

Our son and daughter (5 and 8) both equally loved it, and for a smallish museum there is plenty to see.

Where else can you find a cafe where you can enjoy a hot chocolate while watching tanks and military vehicles on manoeuvres ?

Our daughter was delighted to hear she is old enough to have a drive in a tank, so looks like we'll be going back!