Meat Cure

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Edinburgh House, Abbey Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 9AA



Inspired by New York’s meat-packing district and Southern BBQ, MEATCURE offers fast food classics - served in its own unique and hip way.


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The Editor
The Editor11-12-2015 10:37AM
Meat Cure - no.... Veggie Cure

I have had a lot of veggie burgers in my time being (vegetarian into my 3rd decade)... I was invited for a meal at Meat Cure and was reassured they have veggie options (which I didn't have much faith in) and well the Veggie burger I had completely blew me away, it wasn't your standard veggie patty / mush, we are talking gourmet (I won't describe it in detail hear as it will just make me hungry and its a while till lunch). It was washed down with some great draft pale ale too. Staff were great, nice atmosphere - like the fun industrial interior.

There are two veggie burgers on the menu... just try and stop me from coming back to try the other. No I don't work for Meat Cure, but credit where credit is due, thank you Meat Cure (can't believe I am saying that).