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North Alarms Ltd

10 Badcock Way, Fleckney, Leicestershire LE8 8DD
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North Alarms specialises in Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV and Access Control. We also carry out Upgrades, Servicing and Repair works to both domestic and commercial properties. We cover all over Leicester and Leicestershire. With over 15 years experience. Please call Justin at North Alarms for a free quote and visit.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarm systems are a proven way to enhance the security of your property and is becoming the minimum line of protection.

Installing quality security measures is an investment in the safety and security of your property. It will also reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

North Alarms install both wired and wireless intruder alarm systems to all types of properties, both domestic and commercial.

Benefits to having a wireless system is no cabling or wires to run or hide. The security system can be installed with ease in new builds or existing houses/properties with minimal disruption.

You can now choose the option of controlling your alarm system away from your property with home control+ which gives you the options to set or unset and be notified when your system has been activated. Notifications are sent through smart phones (WiFi needed). As an alternative there is also an auto dialler that can call up to 3 numbers (telephone line needed).

Please call North Alarms for a free visit and no obligation quote.


CCTV is widely used in most environments with many options available from analog to HD quality.

Systems can be installed internally and externally, the benefits of owning CCTV can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime by acting as a deterrent. It can also provide valuable evidence should anything happen.

Footage can now be accessed by your smart phone, tablet or PC, whether live or recorded.

Every CCTV setup is specific to your requirements, so call North Alarms to discuss CCTV further or to obtain a no obligation quotation.

Access Control Systems

Access control provides the ability to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people in and out of a building or your property.

Access control systems offer users a variety of options for gaining access to a building by using a keypad, coded entry or audio entry. All can be easily integrated with video intercom.

Coded Entry Systems

Allows access through a single door. Codes can be periodically changed to enhance your security.

Audio Entry Systems

Allows you to identify your caller through voice before you allow access.

Video Entry Systems

This is similar to audio entry except you can see the identity of your caller before you open the door to them.

Please contact North Alarms to gain more information or to discuss your requirements.


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