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Nurtured Minds

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The Old School House, 65a London Road, Oadby, Leicestershire LE2 5DN
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Clinical Hypnotherapy is a safe and successful approach to the treatment of both psychological and physical conditions. From enhancing your self-confidence, to alleviating symptoms of chronic pain, Clinical Hypnotherapy can thoroughly benefit and improve your life if you are seeking a positive change.

Nurtured Minds encourages anyone who:

Seeks an understanding and professional therapist
Feels frustrated with current treatments for their condition
Desires a calming and revitalising mental experience

- to enquire or book an appointment today. The nurturing power of Hypnosis can enhance your strengths and dissolve your obstacles, allowing you to obtain new levels of satisfaction and important, personal growth.


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Nicola08-01-2018 04:45PM
Wonderful Hypnotherapy

The Hypnotherapist Jasmine has such a calming and relaxing effect on me, she gains rapport easily, and is very professional, you feel totally at ease with her. Her ability to ask relevant questions, and give guidance is amazing, she's provided me with practical, down to earth and helpful counselling as well as hypnotherapy which has enabled me to begin to change my life for the better. I would recommend Jasmine to anyone who requires help or guidance in their life.